Grace Fellowship Baptist Church will be sponsoring or supporting a number of special events, each of which is listed below.

Costa Rica Missions Trip


A week-long missions trip to Playa Azul in beautiful Costa Rica to assist Eduardo Sandoval with various church needs, including church building and maintenance projects, outreach opportunities, and discipleship training.

The Costa Rica Missions Trip will be from Wednesday, October 10 through Monday, October 15, 2018. The cost will be approximately $1000.00 to $1250.00 per person; limited scholarships may be available. This includes the costs of air travel, lodging, and meals while on-site. Additional monies may be needed for incidentals along the way.

Those participating will need a current US passport (no visas are required for entry in Costa Rica) and should be current on their tetanus booster. For more information, please see Jared L. or Perry Z.

Truth 4 Youth Camp

A week-long teaching camp bringing together children and parents from four (4) AL and MS reformed Baptist churches to teach a fundamental tenet of the faith from the 1689 Second London Baptist Confession of Faith.

Truth 4 Youth Camp is typically held the last week of June at Camp ToknowHim in Pisgah, AL. Children aged 12 and above, young adults, and parental chaperones, are encouraged to attend. The camp features three (3) teaching sessions per day: a morning seminar discussing an aspect of the topic, a morning worship service with a sermon on the topic, and an evening worship service with a keynote sermon. Plenty of time for fellowship and fun is included, along with wholesome meals, personal devotions, volleyball, swimming, hiking, sight-seeing, and comfortable sleeping cabins.

For more information, please see Pastor Mark. The video below was recorded as a montage of Truth 4 Youth Camp 2018, and features some of the youth of Grace Fellowship Baptist Church:

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