Grace Fellowship Baptist Church supports a number of ministries designed for the advancement of the mission of the church and the well-being of its members. These various ministries are listed below, along with any additional information that you may need concerning them. NOTE: the participants in each of these ministries can be found on the Church Directory.

Benevolence Ministry

A ministry for helping meet the short-term financial needs of church members and regular attendees, bringing glory to God, and showing the compassion of His church, while loving our neighbor as ourselves. The goal of the ministry is to show love to people as Christ has shown love to us, helping and encouraging believers, and sharing the Gospel with unbelievers while helping with physical needs as our resources allow.

The Benevolence ministry is governed by a specific policy statement regarding who can be helped and how one can apply for such help. Click the link below to read the full policy statement; an application form is available within the document.

Benevolence Policy >>

Greeter Ministry

A ministry to use the gift of greeting or hospitality to welcome visitors to the church, showing the love of Christ by providing written information about the church, directing to the various areas of the building, and answering questions about the beliefs and practices of Grace Fellowship Baptist.

The Greeter Ministry operates under a policy governing and directing its actions. Click the link below to view the policy:

Greeter Policy >>

The Greeter ministry provides a brochure about the church to visitors. Click the link below to view the brochure:

Church Brochure >>

Member Care Ministry

A ministry to strengthen the bonds of fellowship within the church, showing glory to God, by coming alongside fellow believers to help and encourage in times of need. The Member Care ministry consists of a Member Care Deacon, a number of Coordinators who manage certain aspects of care, and a Member Care Advisory Team composed of church members across a wide spectrum of the church body, all dedicated to seeking out and helping during different times of need in the congregation. Such times include sickness or infirmity, surgeries or crisis events, new babies, church fellowships, baptisms, weddings and wedding showers, funerals, student events, and other situations that may require elder visits, meals, continuing education, counseling, or other forms of physical help.

The Member Care ministry operates under an elder-approved set of policies and procedures. Click the link below to view the policies and procedures document:

Member Care Policy >>


Marriage is an institution formed by God within his work of creating humanity, to fulfill his command to "be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth" (Genesis 1:28). In marriage, God creates a new entity by joining together in a permanent, covenantal bond two distinct individuals, a man and a woman, with this one-flesh union becoming the basis of human civilization. Grace Fellowship Baptist Church celebrates marriage as a great picture of the relationship between Christ and his Church, the mutually submissive relationship in two complementary roles that reflects the utter self-sacrifice of the Son of God for his people and their utter submission to him as Lord and Savior (Ephesians 5:22-33).

The wedding ceremony, in a Christian context, reflects this deep and abiding understanding of marriage, and we hold this view at the forefront of our approach to weddings in the church. Because of this, Grace Fellowship Baptist Church operates under an elder-approved Wedding Policy: all weddings performed at the church must abide by the policies contained therein. Click the link below to view the policy document:

Wedding Policy >>

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