Grace Fellowship Baptist Church supports evangelistic endeavors outside our local congregation that work to fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) by proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ, making disciples and gathering these disciples into local congregations. Grace Fellowship Baptist Church presently supports, both prayerfully and financially, the following missions and missionaries:

Missions & Missionaries

The Women’s Care Ministry in Robertsdale, Alabama
A pro-life Christian organization seeking to empower women and men to make life-affirming decisions.

Campus Outreach University of South Alabama
Ty and Jennifer Jordan (Evie, JoJo, Florence & Finley)

Casa Vida Plantation Churches in Costa Rica
Juan Diego “Pano” and Nicole Rojas (Christian and Belin; supporting Pano at Southern Seminary)
Eduardo Sandoval and Mile Hine

Backyard Bible Club
Annual 4 day event for the congregation of Grace Fellowship Baptist Church to share the Gospel with the children and families of our local community through Christ-centered fellowship, music, Bible teaching, crafts and recreation

Missions Policy

Grace Fellowship Baptist Church operates its mission endeavors under a Missions Policy, and this policy can be downloaded at the following link, or read below:

Missions Policy >>


  1. Definition of Missions
    Grace Fellowship Baptist Church (GFBC) defines missions to be any evangelistic endeavor outside our local congregation to fulfill the Great Commission by proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ, making disciples and gathering these disciples into local congregations.
  2. Purpose Statement
    The goal of the GFBC Missions effort is to win individuals to the Lord Jesus Christ.
  3. The Missions Policy
    1. Purpose
      1. Provide guidelines, policies and procedures to the members of the Mission Committee of GFBC for recommending, approving and managing of mission activities funded by the Missions budget of GFBC.
      2. Avoid making important decisions on an emotional or haphazard basis.
      3. Maintain consistency and priorities.
      4. Ensure good stewardship in the allocation of missions funds.
    2. Exceptions - This policy is a statement of principles with guidelines. Occasionally, exceptions will need to be made. Before implementation the Elder Board of GFBC must approve all exceptions.
    3. Revisions - The missions policy will be reviewed and revised as often as needed. Before implementation, the Elder Board must approve all revisions.

The Missions Committee

  1. Missions Committee Objectives
    1. Spread the Gospel globally to as many people as possible while remaining within the financial limits of the Missions Budget.
    2. Instill a mission spirit and a desire to support local, national, and international missions with funding and personal service by each member of GFBC.
    3. Involve every GFBC member personally in actual mission activities or in service to missions supported by GFBC.
  2. Size and Selection of Missions Committee
    The Missions Committee will consist of 3 to 5 members including the ex officio.
  3. Term of Service
    Each member is to serve a two year term.
  4. Chairperson
    The Elder Board will select a chairperson from within the Missions Committee. This individual is responsible for the proper functioning of the Missions Committee.
  5. Expectations
    1. Attend committee meetings.
    2. Assist on projects as necessary.
    3. Take an active role in the decision-making process.
    4. Pray consistently for God to guide Mission efforts.
    5. Devote time and energy to furthering missions effort at GFBC.
  6. Responsibilities
    1. Pray – Encourage intercession from the congregation for global outreach and for our missionaries.
    2. Execute – Develop a missions philosophy with short- and long-range goals.
    3. Educate – Assist in providing a comprehensive missions education program for our entire congregation and the missions team. This will include information about the world and our missionaries.
    4. Mobilize – Utilize all the resources of the church (people, finances, contacts, facilities, etc.) to further the gospel. This includes offering short-term and other global outreach opportunities.
    5. Recruit/Train – Select and assist in the equipping individuals from within our congregation to become missionaries.
    6. Commission – Support missionaries and nationals spiritually, financially and emotionally.
    7. Care – Provide practical assistance to missionaries while they are on their field and home assignments.
    8. Administrate – submit a missions budget and oversee the allocation of funds throughout the year.
    9. Represent – Serve as a liaison between the church, our missionaries and mission agencies.
    10. Evaluate – Review the missions program of the church and make recommendations as necessary. This includes evaluating the Missions policy statement as well as the ongoing support for missionaries, organizations and projects.
  7. Missions Committee Authority
    The GFBC Missions Committee shall act in accordance with the approved Missions Committee Policy and in agreement with the Elder Board. The Missions Committee shall have the authority to:
    1. Administer the Mission funds in support of approved mission activities.
    2. Evaluate the effectiveness of currently funded mission work and personnel.
    3. Review and approve all requests for mission activities or mission trips for GFBC.
    4. Recommend, plan and coordinate mission support activities to be undertaken in the name of GFBC.
    5. Recommend and provide advice on mission education to all age levels.
    6. Establish ad hoc subcommittees to handle trip planning and details.
    7. Develop/revise/maintain various forms for mission trip approval requests, mission trip participation request, etc.
    8. Maintain records of current and past mission trips and activities.
    9. Approve annually in October of each year funding requests from ministries and missionaries for the next calendar year.
  8. Mission Committee Meetings
    The Missions Committee shall meet at least once per quarter. Meetings shall be open to all members of GFBC. Before a scheduled meeting, the Chairperson shall construct an agenda of the items to be discussed at the meeting. To ensure accountability, all Committee actions shall be recorded in minutes.

Financial Policies

  1. Annual Budget
    The Missions Committee will prepare an annual budget in October to be submitted to the Board of Elders for approval.
  2. Monetary Support
    Support for missionary will be given not less than on a monthly basis. Support for other ministries will be given as agreed to. Individuals seeking to raise personal support for ministry must request to do so through the Missions Committee.
  3. Start-up Expenses
    If help is needed with the start-up of a ministry, a one-time gift may be given to assist with those needs.
  4. Ministry Changes
    If there is a major change in either the ministry and/or location, or if the missionary joins a different mission agency, the Missions Committee will immediately re-evaluate its support commitment. GFBC requires advance no notice of any major changes in ministry.
  5. Support Termination
    Termination of financial support for a ministry or missionary is permissible at the discretion of the Elder Board. Reason for termination may include failure to fulfill the responsibilities stipulated in this policy.
  6. Support Review
    Annually, in October, the Missions Committee will review the support needs of currently supported missions and based on a missions budget review, consider initiating support for additional mission endeavors.
  7. Budget Items
    The Missions Budget not only includes missions support, but also other items needed to fulfill the goals of the Missions Committee (for example; missions festivals, funds for pastoral visits to mission fields, books, short term projects, etc.)

Missionary/Ministry Selection Policies

  1. Qualifications
    1. All applicants must be in agreement with Grace Fellowship Baptist Church’s Doctrinal Statement.
    2. They must be accepted for service with a mission agency approved by the Missions Committee (MC).
    3. Their home church must be in agreement with their decision.
  2. Applications Procedures
    Applicants must:
    1. Complete a written application.
    2. Meet with the MC Chairperson or the pastor of GFBC.
    3. Meet with the full MC. If there is consensus, the MC will then make a request for support to the Board of Elders.
  3. Responsibility of GFBC to Its Missionaries
    1. Remember the missionary in prayer.
    2. Communicate with the missionary on a regular basis.
    3. Promote the work of each missionary within the church.
    4. Encourage the missionary.
    5. Send pledged funds in a timely manner.
  4. Responsibility of the Missionary to GFBC
    1. Communicate with GFBC on a regular basis.
    2. Give the MC advance notice of any changes in ministry or location.
    3. Spend quantity and quality time with the church during home assignments.
    4. Provide the MC with written yearly goals and an appraisal of last year’s activities.
    5. In August of each year, send updated support figures to include life, ministry, and administration costs.
    6. Work diligently in team building/maintenance with all supporters.
    7. Work toward a close partnership relationship with GFBC.


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