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Philosophy of Education

GFBC Statement  of Education

October 2014

Because Grace Fellowship Baptist Church exists to glorify God and make His name great among all people near and far, because we share a high view of His word and therefore a high view of God Himself as revealed through His books of (1) creation, whereby every man is privy to His “invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature;” and (2) Scripture, whereby every man may receive the “wisdom that leads to salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus” as received through His Holy Spirit and entrusted to men through proclamation and written word, we find as our chief activity the clear exposition of God as instructed in the New Testament (II Timothy 3:14-4:2) through the Scriptures. We recognize the freedom of God’s Spirit to reveal Christ and the gospel according to His sovereign will, yet find in Scripture that God has chosen the proclamation of His word to be the means through which Christians are to
make that revelation known to the world (Matthew 28:18-20) . Grace Fellowship Baptist Church, therefore, makes the principle work of our body the preaching, teaching, counseling, and conversing of Scripture to be our aim, and therefore the skilled and consistent practice of verbal exposition and instruction to be the heart of our ministry in order to be obedient to our Lord’s command so we may see the fruit and benefit of such ministry within our families, our community, and in our world.

Grace Fellowship Baptist Church has established six primary activities whereby we may consistently facilitate and accompany the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit in our church which is accomplished through the clear and faithful ministry of biblical exposition (John 17:17):

    1.  Sunday services as the primary large group gatherings for biblical instruction. Expositional preaching is the primary biblical and historical means of Scriptural proclamation and a clear distinctive within Grace Fellowship Baptist Church.

    • a. Each Sunday, the primary activities of the church will be the corporate gathering of the body for worship (including the public reading of the Scriptures, exhortation and instruction – I Timothy 4:13).
    • b. In the tradition of the early and Reformation churches, Grace Fellowship Baptist Church will steadfastly protect the first day of each week by holding two distinct services where the reading of Scripture, expositional preaching, singing of biblical hymns and songs, prayers, fellowship, and the regular observance of Communion (as scheduled) will accompany these services.

    2.  Sunday School as the primary small group gathering for biblical instruction. By naming Sunday School as the primary small group gathering for biblical instruction we are in no way prohibiting or discouraging other forms of small group gathering and instruction. We will in no way discourage or prohibit the scheduling and facilitating of an on-site and weekly meeting for biblical instruction closely attached to corporate worship.
    • a. The classes will be taught only by members selected or approved by the elders.
    • b. The materials taught will only be Scripture or that which is primarily and
      overwhelmingly biblical in nature.

    3.  Wednesday evening programs for prayer and instruction:
    • a. Children and youth will be instructed in doctrine (theology) and missions/evangelism (biblical application). Secondarily, these classes and activities are to supplement church life by instructing children and youth how to serve, relate, and participate within the local church and live within a sinful world.
    • b. Adults will gather with two objectives: (1) to offer praise to God and encouragement to one another, and to pray for our community, world, and one another; and (2) Studies including: doctrinal, cultural, ecclesiological, missiological, apologetical, and biblical in content.

    4.  Bible Studies for men and women and various age groups as further opportunities for GFBC to give aid and instruction through the Bible.
    • a. These studies may be taught by any member approved by the elders.
    • b. These studies may also include any conferences, seminars or external Bible studies that will be promoted in and through GFBC.
    • c. The curriculum and materials used must be approved by an elder.
    • d. The scheduling of these studies or conferences will be approved by the elders and cannot conflict with regularly scheduled activities such as worship services and Sunday School unless approved by the elders.

    5.  Instruction intended to reach our community with the gospel and the Scripture including Backyard Bible Clubs, Vacation Bible School, or any other community education.
    • a. This instruction is intended to bring truth to the community.
    • b. The curriculum and materials used must be approved by an elder.
    • c. The scheduling of these studies or conferences will be approved by the elders and cannot conflict with regularly scheduled activities such as worship services and Sunday School unless approved by the elders.

    6.  Counsel and reading recommendations are intended to guide and care for the members and attenders of Grace Fellowship Baptist Church through personal biblical instruction and discipleship.
    • a. GFBC affirms and encourages the role of counselor as described in the New Testament as caring for one another in truth, wisdom, and godly instruction principled in Scripture.
    • b. The primary role and function of counselor is discipleship by teaching others to observe all that the Lord Jesus commanded in His ministry and through the teachings of the Apostles in the New Testament.
    • c. The counselor is most concerned with the sanctification of his brother and sister and will aid them through truth and application of truth.
    • d. GFBC will be faithful to review and recommend books, literature, and resources to accompany, encourage, and strengthen our members in their walk and sanctification. All books, literature, and resources recommended will be reviewed by an elder.

    Oversight of Education

    1.  General oversight of all Christian education will be the duty of the elders.

    2.  There will be a director of education selected by the elders who will serve as the 
    administrator of all educational programs including:

    • a. Staffing
    • b. Curriculum
    • c. Structure
    • d. Evaluation

3.  There will be one elder assigned to serve this ministry as liaison between the director and the elders. This elder may or may not serve as the director but will be responsible for oversight and communication between the education ministry/director of education and
the elders.

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