There are many websites and blogs we could refer you to (and the list is growing), but these are a few that will encourage you in your sanctification and in your ministry in the local church.

Although we cannot say that every article, blog, lecture, sermon, podcast, or interview fully represents the theology and philosophy of ministry and worship of Grace Fellowship Baptist Church, we do joyfully commend these resources to you and believe they are partners and friends with us in the gospel ministry.


9 Marks Ministry
The Ministry of Mark Dever, Pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington D. C.

Al Mohler
The Writing and Media Ministry of Dr. Albert Mohler, President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

The Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals
A coalition of pastors, scholars, and churchmen who hold the historic creeds and confessions of the Reformed faith

Alpha and Omega Ministries
The Writing and Speaking Ministry of Apologist James White

Association of Biblical Counselors
Resources and Encouragement in Biblical Counseling

Biblical Eldership
Resources for Biblical Elders

Blog & Mablog
The Blog of Douglas Wilson

Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
Resources on Gender, Marriage, and the Doctrine of Complementarianism

Deep South Founders Conference
Committed to Historic Baptist Principles in the Deep South

Desiring God Ministries
The Writing and Speaking Ministry of Pastor John Piper

Founders Ministries
Committed to Historic Baptist Principles

The Gospel Coalition
A Broadly Reformed Network of Churches and Ministries Dedicated to the Gospel

Head Heart Hand
Resources for Biblical Counseling and Encouragement

Ligonier Ministries
The Writing and Speaking Ministry of R. C. Sproul

Modern Reformation
Resources and Ministries Including the White Horse Inn

Resources for Reformed Bible Study

Mortification of Spin
From the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals

A Puritan’s Mind
A Resource for Covenant Theology and Puritan Writers

The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
Resources from Al Mohler, Professors at SBTS, and Special Guests and Conferences of the Seminary

The Spurgeon Archive
The Preaching and Writing Ministry of Charles Haddon Spurgeon

A Collective Web Site Committed to Theology

Tim Challies
Informing the Reforming Blog

Tim Keller
The Writing and Speaking Ministry of the Pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church and Author

To Him Be Glory Ministries
The Preaching and Teaching Ministry of Pastor Mark Gervais


Bethlehem Baptist Church
Laurel, Mississippi - Pastor Cary Kimbrell

Bethlehem Baptist Church
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Capitol Hill Baptist Church
Washington, DC - Pastor Mark Dever

Christ Fellowship Baptist Church
Mobile, Alabama - Pastor Scott Basolo

Grace Community Church
Sun Valley, California - Pastor John MacArthur

Phoenix Reformed Baptist Church
Phoenix, Arizona - Apologist James White

Bible Study Helps

The Bible
An Online Collection of Bible Translations

Bible Study Tools
An Online Collection of Bible Translations

The Reformed Reader

The 1689 2nd London Confession

The Arthur Pink Archive

The John Gills Archive

The Jonathan Edwards Collection

The Life and Writings of Martin Luther

The Origin of Calvinism

The Reformed Reader

The Spurgeon Center

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